SAP Calculation - SAP EPC - New Build EPC - On construction EPC

SAP (The Standard Assessment Procedure) is the methodology used by the Government to assess and compare the energy and environmental performance of dwellings. Its purpose is to provide accurate and reliable assessments of dwelling energy performances that are needed to underpin energy and environmental policy initiatives

When is an New Build EPC required?

Any dwelling built after 1st April 2008 must have an EPC produced using full SAP methodology. It is the responsibility of the person/ company carrying out the work to supply the property owner with an EPC and recommendation report, and notify building control. Building control will not issue a certificate of completion until they are satisfied this has been done.

Rules and regulations differ as to which region your building is located, which makes it important to choose an accredited assessor who can properly advise you as to the regional conventions for compliance. It is always advisable to involve an assessor as early as possible in the design process, to identify potential issues which will save you money.

New Build ( SAP) EPC and Existing dwelling (Rd SAP) EPC

There is a difference between SAP EPC and Rd SAP EPC.

SAP is methodology used to create EPCs for new build deswellings and its more accurate form of calculations whereas RdSAP is a methodology used to create EPCs for existing dwellings which uses a lot of assumptions to calculate the energy ratings.